ACRYLIC WURX by D'zign Kulture

ACRYLIC WURX by D'zign Kulture allows clients to further express themselves in their projects by taking things to the next level.



While ACRYLIC WURX has a huge following in the automotive culture, ACRYLIC WURX is a very versatile product. Need a one-of-kind cake topper? How about a custom center piece at your wedding reception? What about your inner pop-culture or gamer side, add a pop of flare to display those collectibles or wow factor to you gaming experience?
ACRYLIC WURX by D'zign Kulture doesn't stop there. We take your acrylic axperience a step further a step further by upping the game with LEDs. That's right, LEDs! Take your acrylic project to the next level by adding LED lighting.


For custom orders, please reach out to us via:

(O): (480)274-7377


IG: dzign_kulture